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Socializing Your Dog or Cat

Socializing Dogs
It is important to socialize your dog or cat.

Socializing your pet is a very important part of pet training. If your pet is only used to you and your family they may become aggressive to other people and animals. Your pet can become confused by a visitor to your home and perhaps think that the person is here to harm you or them. This is due in part to instincts. Your pet can also become fearful of anybody but you and your family, creating another problem all together. Since dogs in the wild run in a pack socializing is very important. Cats usually will become fearful of all humans except you. Cats that have not been socialized may hide most of their day and live in fear of all humans and possibly even you.

The best way to socialize your animal at first is to have visitors to your home where the pet feels safe. This should only be attempted after you have bonded with your pet and they know that you are their master. If you try to socialize your pet too soon they can become confused as to whom to listen to for direction. You may try to have a variety of different people come to visit including small children. Children may help the pet to become more comfortable around loud noises and fast movements which is very important to training. Small children should always be supervised around a new pet. Socializing dogs is a great way to help your child and dog live better together.

Dog Socializing

The most important part of socializing your pet is that they understand they are to look to you for guidance during all sorts of commotion. You are responsible for your pets actions in public at all times and for safety reasons your pet should listen to your commands even in a stressful situation or loud environment. If your pet does not pay attention to your commands at all times even around these distractions the consequences can be deadly. Your pet could run in front of a car if the leash breaks or even run away completely and never come home.

Cats are slightly harder to socialize because they are a little more independent at times than dogs. With socializing cats, the younger that you get them the better it is for socializing. A kitten is more likely to play in a crowded room than an adult cat. Adult cats are more likely to just hang in the background and have to be coerced into playing and assured that nobody will harm them. Older cats seem to get into a routine that works for them. Usually this routine consists of them hiding away whenever people are around. This habit can be broken if training techniques are applied.

Socializing Cats
Socializing your cat can make for a friendlier cat.

Too much independence in a dog or a cat can be a bad thing also. You do not want your pet to think that they control you. If your animal thinks that they are the boss then they can act out when they don’t get the attention or what they want. This could be knocking over plants or chewing furniture or shoes etc. Everything that your pet does is either and instinct or a command when they are trained properly. Unfortunately the instincts cannot be taken away but your pet can distinguish between good and bad. Hopefully the training that they receive can help your pet to do what they know gets them attention and even treats. Sometimes attention feels better to them than treats because they want to please you.

There are some techniques that have been proven to help with socializing your pet. The best way to do this process is with help from a trainer or by using a guide if you plan to accomplish this on your own. Always remember that this should be fun for you and your pet. If you make socializing fun for your pet they will behave better in public and social situations to make you happy and to receive treats. As a new pet owner you should always have a treat handy for good behavior no matter when or where you are. Anger and striking your pet will have the opposite effect. Your pet will become fearful of you and also confused as to the rules. This can also reverse any training that your pet has received. It can be harder to retrain your pet than to do things right the first time.Pet Socializing

As a pet owner I recommend that a guide be used to prevent any bad habits that creep up from not training your pet properly. You and your pet will benefit from this process and make each other’s lives full and enjoyable. For cat owners, check out Cat Secrets Revealed. This is a great guide for training a new cat. And for the dog owners, Secrets to Dog Training is simply the best guide for training a dog. Training a dog is much harder than training a cat, so if you are a new dog owner, do yourself a favor and check this guide out.

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Pet Fact:

When a cat drinks, its tongue - which has tiny barbs on it - scoops the liquid up backwards.