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Scruff Training for Kittens and Cats

Kitten Scruff Training
Kitten scruff training is a good way to train your new kitten.

Kittens are known to be a little wild for the first few years, but not all of them. All cats and dogs are different like humans. We all have many different personalities and tendencies. You must first assess your cat or kitten. Does the kitten exhibit scratching and chewing or even attack? These are things that can become serious problems once they have become adult cats. Training a kitten can be very trying on your patience and should only be attempted if you commit to the training. Training experts have shown that cats can indeed be trained through patience and reward. One main thing about training cats and kittens is that you must reinforce training more than with a dog. Reinforcing whatever behavior you are trying to accomplish on a daily basis is the key. Make sure that the treat you are using is absolutely yummy to the cat. If your kitten doesn’t think that the treat is good enough you will end up wasting your time.

Kittens are especially hard to break of bad habits. There are a couple methods that seem to work better with kittens than with full grown cats. One of these methods is the “scruff method”. Kitten scruff training is the same that the mother cat would use to keep the kitten out of danger. “Scruffing” is one of the best ways of discouraging undesirable behavior in kittens. Learn how to scruff your cat to train them properly and effectively. “Scruffing” should be reserved for especially bothersome behavior such as aggression toward humans or another cat. Some people prefer it to using a spray bottle which results in a wet, angry cat. Since the cat associates the spray bottle with the person holding it, they will only continue their misbehavior when you are away.

Scruff Training
Scruff training for kittens mimmicks the way a mother cat would use.

The following is a method that many people tried and has worked for them. This is just one way of correcting misbehavior in kittens and should only be a training method and never used to hurt the cat.

Firmly grasp the loose skin at the top of the neck. It should be understood that firmly does not mean to grasp the cat rough. The idea with scruffing is to establish yourself as dominant. Never be seen as another aggressor as this can produce the opposite effect.

Firmly press the cat or kitten down to the floor while sharply saying “no!” Remember to be firm not rough. You can also preface your "no!" with a loud hissing sound like the mother cat would do. Hold the cat or kitten in that position until you feel and see them relax their muscles. Some cats will visibly submit. While you are holding them speak softly and calmly to them.

Release the cat then pet them and tell him or her "good kitty." The idea is to discipline them without withholding love. Jealousy is often a motivator for cats' and their aggression issues. The dominant cat in the house may Scruff Training for Kittensalways be looking out to protect his or her status. Scolding a kitten after the fact serves no purpose except to reinforce the anger.

If the event that led to the aggression was one of misdirected origin such as another cat outside the window or a raccoon, take steps to discourage other animals from entering your yard. Products designed for the purpose of keeping animals out of your yard without any harm are easy to find online. One of the most common causes of aggression in cats is of the misdirected variety.

Kitten Scruff Training Tips:

Important Note: Never pick up an adult cat by the scruff as it can do serious damage. Always support the full weight of the cat underneath its body with the other hand.

Kitten scruff training can be an effective way of training in certain circumstances. For a complete guide to training a cat, we recommend you check out Cat Secrets Revealed. This is the best cat training guide we have found, and many have reported great success with it.

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