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Review of Dog Training Books and Guides

There are many dog training books on the market, let alone the internet. I found the whole thing confusing and needed a book on how to find the right dog training book. Here we have reviewed a few of the top training guides for dogs. We have found that some books seem to be more informative than others and that’s why we have done this review. It seems that some dog training books rely on only one type or style of training and others integrate different types. I have assessed over ten of the most popular dog obedience books on these criteria: fixing any dog behavior problem, tips and secrets to use in your everyday dog obedience training, specific commands and tricks to teach your dog, the best way to select, buy and raise a new puppy or older dog. These are the things that new and old pet owners alike are looking for in a good dog training guide.

I read the books from beginning to end when I first download them. I then try and apply these tricks and tasks to my own dogs to see how user friendly and easy to follow they are.

Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog TrainingThis was the first dog training book that I reviewed and was definitely the best. The others paled in comparison for obedience training. I picked up a ton of useful and useable information right away. I have been training dogs for many years, and the approach taught in this guide was very similar to my own style. I was soon applying these dog training techniques outlined in this guide and have had great success with my own dogs. I have corrected the behavior problems in my dogs that I thought I was just going to have to live with. I can’t believe I actually learned so many new tips and techniques.

I was also excited by the money back guarantee that this book offers and the amount of testimonials offered by real people who believed enough in this book to leave their real names and photos. This book gets our highest recommendation here. If you are looking for the best, easiest to use dog training guide, do yourself a favor and check out Secrets to Dog Training.

Here are just a sample of the topics covered in this dog training guide:

As you can see, a wide range of topics is covered in this dog training book. All the topics are covered in very simple, easy to follow steps. Secrets to Dog Training is simply the best dog training guide we could find.

Dog Training Masters: Home Course Study

Dog Training MastersThis guide was a five part program. There are books and also audio to listen to. It was an alright read and listen, but left me with many questions and did not really address some of the common obedience techniques I am familiar with. There definitely is a lot of material in this course, but I found it hard to follow. I was having a hard time following the basic training descriptions and actions.

The one thing I did appreciate about this course was that it got into a lot of the history and psychology of dogs. I don’t know how much value this actually has on training a dog, but I found it interesting. Those just looking to train their dog in the shortest amount of time my find this time wasting.

This would have been a better course had they stuck to the basics. Some of the information is good but not enough to say it was the best. I would say this guide would be best for someone actually looking to become a professional dog trainer, not just training their own personal dogs. I would say that it’s a relatively close second behind Secrets to Dog Training, but still is a good dog training book.

Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer

ClickerTraining BookThis book was a good clicker training book but what it lacks again are the basic obedience skills training. I was disappointed in the lengthy and fancy tricks that the author passes off as the only way to train. This is a book for dogs that are already familiar with clicker training. The book also went into the scientific reasons and explanations that didn’t really help with the training part. The book does offer some very good information on this one type of training.

Personally, I like to use clicker training at times, but not as the sole means for training a dog. I would recommend this book only as a supplement to one of the other guides. This book gives great information on clicker training, but lacks in the overall training department. Still, of all the books I reviewed, I would say that I would rate it third behind Secrets to Dog Training.

There you have it.  The top three dog training guides we have found.  Any of these three will be a great aid to you in training your dog, but if you are looking for the best, all you need to know is Secrets to Dog Training.

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