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Stop Dog Mouthing and Rough Play

Dog Rough Play
Dog rough play can be a habit thats hard to break.

Dog mouthing is when dog wraps its mouth around part of a person. Most puppies do this while they are teething. Some dogs continue to do this as adults and it becomes not so cute anymore. Most guests to your home will appreciate that your dog does not slobber all over them when they come to visit. If you have a larger breed of dog this is a much bigger problem. Smaller breeds tend not to pickup this bad habit but it can happen. Dog mouthing should be controlled early on.

The reason that a larger dog will pick up on this bad habit more than a small dog is that because they are larger in general and the play is sometimes a little more rough. If you play rough with your large breed dog as a puppy it’s hard to not play rough as an adult. This is a habit that has to be broken by the owner as well. Sometimes the owner of the large breed dog will call this dog rough play bonding time. To the human it may be but to the dog it is play and nothing else. The dog will not be able to distinguish between rough play and bonding the way that we can.

You should never play rough on the inside of your home with your dog. This can be very hard if you have children. Children tend to want to roughhouse more than anyone with your pet. It is hard to explain to your children that the rules that apply to the dog apply to them also because they view the dog as a playmate rather than a pet. Take some time to explain the difference to your children or any children that will be around your pet. If you don’t trust the child or your pet it’s best to not have the two play for now.

Dog MouthingDog mouthing can be anooying to others.

This can be one of the hardest behaviors to break. The reason is that once you start to play like this with your dog or puppy, your arms and hands become chew toys to them. So now that they see that it is ok to chew on you that’s what they are going to do. It’s all about boundaries. If you play this way you may want to use a soft toy made for indoor play or restrict this behavior to outside only.

If this is already a problem in your home, stop this behavior immediately. Do not let this happen anymore. The longer that you let it happen the harder it will to break. This rule goes for everyone in your home including guests and children also. Save this type of play for outside only.

Once you have decided to stop this behavior there are steps that can help with breaking this particular habit. Jumping usually goes along with this behavior and the reaction from you should be the same. When the dog jumps up or tries to chew or mouth, turn your body away from the dog so that they only get your back or your side. If this is repeated by you and everyone in your home including guests, the dog will eventually realize that they are not getting any attention from jumping or mouthing.

Dog Rough Play and Mouthing
Ending dog rough play and mouthing can make your home a happier place.

You can reintroduce this type of play outdoors if you want, but it is better to not slip back into this habit at all. You can confuse the dog. This technique is tried and true but must be practiced at all times until the animal completely understands they will get no attention from you in this manner. The turn technique can be used for many behaviors after the dog knows what it means. This is something that takes great patience and must be obeyed at all times for it to work. Remember to always stay calm no matter how frustrated you may become. Your dog can sense the frustration and become frustrated themselves. Always remember to use a deep stern voice when telling the animal “no”. This is a dominance type of growly tone that works well.

We have found a guide that can help with mouthing and rough playing problems and many others. We have used it with our pets and have had amazing luck. It is called Secrets to Dog Training by Daniel Stevens and we could not recommend it more. It is simply the best dog training book you can find, and will make training your dog very easy. We hope that the guide can help with your pets the way it has helped with ours. Thank you for letting us assist in the training of your dog. Good luck training your pet!

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