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Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training
Dog obedience training will help you and your pet be happier with each other.

For any dog owner, having a well trained dog is the key to a healthy relationship. Dog obedience training will strengthen and build the relationship between you and your dog or puppy. Proper obedience training is needed so your dog knows what is expected of him or her, and what they can expect from you. It is through this training that your dog will learn the laws of the house and their boundaries. And maybe most importantly, your dog will learn through obedience training the behaviors that are never expectable, such as excessive barking, chewing, nipping, rough play and mouthing.

If you have had dogs before, you know all too well that a poorly trained dog is not desirable to have around the house. You can come home and find things chewed up, or a little puddle of pee on the floor waiting for you to clean up. Your puppy or dog does not do these things to be mean to you. They just don’t know any better. That is why obedience training is the foundation for building the behaviors that you expect your animal to follow. Pet parents that don’t train their animals properly are many times more likely to have their pet end up in a shelter or possibly even end up dead.

Dog obedience training is necessary to keep your dog or puppy safe. If they start to run in the road, you expect them to stop and come to you when called. A well trained dog will follow your orders, while a poorly trained dog will not listen to you. If you have kids, it is critical to train your dog to behave correctly around them. Obedience training is also necessary to teach your dog to behave around other dogs. If you have other dogs or cats in the house, proper dog or puppy obedience training is critical.

Puppy Obedience Training
Dog obedience training will end your dog's bad behaviors.

If you are new to dog training, or just want to maximize your training effectiveness, we really recommend looking into a professional dog training guide. We have reviewed the best dog training guides available, and really recommend Secrets to Dog Training. This is an amazing guide that will show you many tips and tricks to easily have your dog trained in no time. The best training tip we can offer is to make sure you know the proper techniques when beginning training, and a dog training guide is a great way to get all the best information.

Along with potty training and leash training, some of the basic dog obedience training commands you will want your dog to master are:

Dog Obedience Training Tips:

If you find you just don’t have the knack for dog and puppy obedience training, or have a dog that is particularly hard to train, there are many classes you can take your dog to and let an expert train them. I personally feel it is best to train the dog yourself, in his home. I encourage anyone have problems training their dog to first read a good dog training book such as Secrets to Dog Training before sending your dog off to someone else for training.

Remember, dog training can be fun. Spending time with your dog and creating that special relationship is the reason you got your dog in the first place, so really enjoy this time. Dog obedience training can be fun.

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