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Stop Dog Shedding

Stop Dog SHedding
Learn some tips to stop dog shedding all over your house.

Are you a dog owner? If so, then you probably have had to remove dog hair left behind by shedding. Is it beginning to get the point where the cleanliness of your home is being affected? Seeing layers of dog hair on your flooring, furniture, and stairs is probably not the type of home decorating style you are going for. No matter how much you love your little buddy, all of the time you spend ridding your house of shed hair probably makes you frustrated. Although some breeds of dogs shed more than others, it becomes problematic when the hair seems to take over your home. Read on for some tips on how to help your dog with its hair shedding issues.

Dog Shedding
A brush such as this one used daily can stop dog shedding.

A dog's hair usually sheds in the spring, but it can also happen at other times of the year. This is a natural process that cannot be completely stopped, short of shaving a dog completely bald. Some people actually do shave their dog to assist in removing of excess hair and fleas. However, most pet owners like the look and feel of a dog's fur. Many do not like the idea of having a hairless dog. Fortunately, there are less extreme measures to get dog shedding under control. One simple way is to thoroughly brush the dog regularly. In this case, regularly means at least each day. Wouldn't you rather brush the hair off yourself than have it fall around the house? Prevention is the crucial element needed to keep the hair shedding at bay.

Tips for Shedding
Your dog may not like being brushed at first, but most dog's eventually like being brushed, and this can stop dog shedding.

Another grooming tip to do along with brushing the dog is using a shampoo with a certain Ph level balanced with your dog in mind. It is also important to use only warm water when you give your dog a bath. There are also many products on the market that are used to reduce your dog's shedding hair, such as specially designed brushes and rakes. Try the Furminator which is a widely favored deshedding tool. One of the benefits of modern society is all of the gadgets at our disposal; however, there is no substitute for a good old-fashioned daily coat brushing. The old ways still work great for controlling dog shedding.

Do not forget the more natural remedies. Try olive oil or omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Not only will it properly moisturize his skin and help stop some of his shedding, but it will also provide the extra benefit of a beautiful, naturally healthy coat of fur.

Stop Dog Shedding
When you control dog shedding, you and your pet will be happier.

Sometimes simple cures are all it takes to get a handle on your dog's shedding. Unfortunately, there are times when shedding is not the real problem, but just a symptom. If you see large clumps of fur fall out, or bald spots on your dog’s body, you need to visit the veterinarian immediately. This is no longer something you can take care of on your own, nor is it something you should just ignore. A dog losing that much hair could signal a whole host of medical problems. It may be something more straightforward and curable such as ringworm or a skin infection. However, it may also be more complicated to cure and devastating such as stress or even cancer. Hopefully, this is not the case for your dog. The above mentioned remedies will help you, your pet, and your home.

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Pet Fact:

The expression "three dog night" originated with the Eskimos and means a very cold night.