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Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training
Dog clicker training can help in ending bad behaviors.

Clicker training is a conditioned response known as operant conditioning. This method, along with some treats and a signal, produce a desired reaction from the dog. Clicker training is one of the most effective training methods there are and is used all over the world. Clicker training is the way a dog interacts with and learns from its surroundings. Dogs are inclined to repeat actions that have a positive consequence. Dogs are not so inclined to repeat ones that have a negative result. Dog trainers use this natural tendency by providing a positive reinforcement (treats) following an action that they want the dog to duplicate. For the dog to be able to connect the positive reinforcement with their actions, the reinforcement must take place as the action is happening, not after it has occurred.

A dog clicker is a small plastic box with a metal strip that makes a sharp clicking sound when pushed and released like a Snapple lid. The clicker works because the sharp distinctive sound that does not get confused with any other noises. The clicker lets the dog trainer to pinpoint with accuracy the exact actions for which the dog is being rewarded. The clicker is an Clicker Training for Dogsinfluential tool for animal trainers to form good behaviors. Animal trainers reinforce quicker and closer of the actual behavior they are aiming for. If you were trying to teach a dog to shake, you would click and then give a treat if the dog raised a paw just off the ground. Then you would stop giving treats at the raise of a paw. You now want the same paw to be raised higher and higher even. You can see how dog clicker training can reinforce the behaviors you want out of your dog.

Breaking the actions into smaller steps allows for advancement. Your dog learns in steps and will be rewarded for each step and then less and less treats for the steps that happen before the actual action that we as the trainer are looking for. This is the reason the clicker works, the dog will identify the click with the treat and the action. Eventually the dog will not perform all of the steps anymore because the reward has stopped for those actions. The dog only gets rewarded for the action in full.

Dog clicker training is a long process that once it is applied successfully will stick with the dog. Clicker training is used for behavioral problems, obedience training, even agility training of cats, dogs, and horses. Clicker training of your dog may be a lot of hard work that definitely pays off at the end. Most dogs that use clicker training have a broad array of tricks that they have mastered over their time with the training that’s why it is very important to get the basic sit and stay commands before you attempt this type of conditioning. Some dogs just get the idea and other dogs require more intense lessons. This does not mean that your dog is stupid this Puppy Clicker Trainingmeans that when the training is complete your dog will know theses tricks as you have taught them.

Clicker training is used on other animals besides cats and dogs. The clicker is also used with horses and at zoos to train large animals. This type of training will usually come after the basic training of a dog. Your dog must respect you and listen to you before you start a clicker training regimen. you may feel at first that you are wasting your time but the fact is practice does make perfect. Patience is really the key to any training of any animal. If you have trouble with this part there are guides to take some of the guess work out of the process. We have a guide that we recommend that has worked for us and our pets. It is called Secrets to Dog Training, and we recommend you take a look at it if you are serious about training your dog. The author is an expert trainer and makes it simple for you to learn to effectively train your dog.

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