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Clicker Training Cats

Clicker Training CatsClicker training cats can help you teach an old cat new tricks.

Clicker training is a conditioned response known as operant conditioning. This method, along with some treats and a signal, produce a desired reaction from the cat. Clickers are available at pet supply stores and online. A treat your cat loves to eat will work the best for this training.

Cat clicker training is unlike conventional training, it is more like making a deal with your pet. I will give you a treat if you will perform this action. The clicker identifies the most wanted reaction and that’s why it is given during the action, and the treat is given as payment. Timing is everything when you are attempting to clicker train. Clicker training can be useful in many ways to you and your cat. Clicker training can help with calming, hyperactivity, liven up an older cat, solving bad behaviors and introducing new good ones, and strengthening the bond between you and your cat.

There are several behaviors we would all like to see in our cats. Some of the most important behaviors are for their safety and our sanity. Some of the important behaviors are using their teeth and claws with care and coming when they are called. We will give the steps needed to accomplish these tasks and many more.

Cat Clicker Training
Clicker training cats can help save your furniture!

The fun stuff comes after the basics. You and your cat have to become comfortable with the clicker and the basics of the technique before you can excel to the more intense tricks. Some of the tricks that you can teach your cat are high five, fetch, roll over and sit. Once again with any type of cat training that you choose remember that patience is the key. Clicker training can actually make your cat more susceptible to learning new tricks and behaving better.

Problem behaviors such as litter box and scratching problems come from either physical cause like urinary tract infection or even with the box itself. Sometimes a cat will avoid the litter box if it is not clean or it is shared by other cats. Clicker training cats can offer answers to some other problem behaviors that seem overwhelming too. Some of these behaviors that clicker training may be able to help with include but are not limited to biting and scratching, surprise attacks, counter and table jumping and destructive scratching of furniture.

Anyone seriously interested in clicker training a cat will need a guide and the clicker to get started. Clicker training can be a fun way to spend time with your cat and learn at the same time. You should first make sure that the bond is there and you and the cat are communicating clearly. In our guide you will find we have discussed all of the social problems and behaviors that must be dealt with in order to move to this step.

Clicker Train Kittens

Because cats do take much longer to train than dogs you have to have a somewhat relaxed animal to start with. If your cat is jumpy or anxious you may want to set a new time to learn. Cats are like people in the sense that if they are not interested they are just not. Cats are known to have a longer attention span than dogs, but this still is not enough to force the cat to learn. If you try to force something on a cat you may not like what you get. You may end up with a cat that runs and hides when he hears a clicker. Be patient.

We recommend a good cat training guide such as Cat Secrets Revealed. This guide has helped many owners train their cat. We have used this guide to train our cats and it works wonders.

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