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Training Dogs with Kids Around

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Training a dog with kids around poses some challenges.

When you bring a new puppy into a home where there are children you as the pet parent and child parent must set the limits for your child and the new puppy. How you do that is up to you. Little boys and girls do get quite excited and it is natural for them to run and jump and really get into playing with a puppy....but they do have to learn there are some rules and restrictions as to how rough to play with the new puppy. Sometimes rough play as a puppy can be a hard habit to break in a little older dog. If the puppy is very young and small, one of the main things you have to stress to small children is that the puppy is just a baby and you could hurt the puppy very easily. Running, jumping, nipping, pulling on shirts and pants are all part of children and their dogs.....but you can remind your children that puppies are not allowed to do that anymore than little boys and girls and the puppy doesn’t know better yet.

Humping is a very definite no-no! That is a bit of a dominance thing and normally a very young puppy won't get too carried away thankfully. There is nothing sexual about this. It is dominance. So when the puppy does this you need to correct the behavior right away. As soon as you see it, remove the puppy immediately with a very firm no! It is not necessary to yell at a puppy or a dog because they will learn to tune you out after some time. Use a low, growly sounding voice as that will sound like an angry mother dog. Try to be firm sounding with your puppy when correcting any behavior. Never get squeaky or high pitched when scolding an animal they are not responsive in the same manner to those sounds.

Train Puppies Around Children
We show you how to train your puppy around children.

Feeding time should be introduced to puppy while the children are around early on as not to create food jealousy. The puppy may think that the children are threatening its food and should be shown that the children are providing the food not taking it away. There is nothing wrong with your children putting the puppy's food down but start teaching the puppy now that he has to wait until he is told he can have it, which means you holding the puppy back and when your children have put the food down, they can call the puppy’s name and tell him dinner is ready, then release. This will help your puppy and later the dog learn control and also his position in your family. Involving kids in dog training early on will pay off later in life.

Your children are the perfect naturals to teach your puppy to come. Because kids are the one who is most likely to want to play fetch. There are inside toys for this type of play that are soft and won’t harm breakables or the children or puppy. These toys are nice but be careful not to have too many. One or two toys are enough as well as something to chew on. Too many toys may distract the puppy and confuse them. Teething will come soon enough and all puppies will chew and if there are too many toys the puppy may think that everything is their chew toy. Teach your kids what they can and cannot throw in the house. If you don't want them to throw in the house, then they can roll, and learn to call the puppy to them. The puppy will quickly learn his name and come.

children dogsSometimes, kids will train dogs bad behavior without even knowing.

Jumping up is excitement but teaching your children to turn sideways when the puppy does this and tell him to "get off". Holding toys above his head though will entice him to jump and he can't be punished if he is being teased. You need to explain the difference between playing and teasing to children. Most children have a hard time with this one; they don’t understand that the puppy feels this type of emotion. It can be a little bit of a tough lessen for children and at some point you may have to demonstrate the difference between playing and teasing with a toy that the children feel strongly about.

Another major thing is that many children can be harsh with a small puppy or dog. They are not intentionally cruel but are more curious. Do your job right in teaching your kids that animals have feelings and can hurt and feel pain and cry. Your dog will, with luck and a normal lifespan, be with them until he or she is driving a car! How they treat this puppy and later this dog will show what kind of person they will become. Teach him now to feel compassion and love and understanding towards those who are helpless. Show them that it is compassionate to do so. Heaven knows, we don't need more cruel bullies in this world, we have more than enough. Most of Train Puppies Around Kidsthem start out by mistreating the family pet and no one stops them. As the parent of the child and the pet, you need to have a level animal loving head on your shoulders. Show your kids the same way and they will be adults to be proud of when they are all grown up! Teach your animals to love and respect the children and your family will be content and happy.

We have found a guide that really helps with this tricky part of the new puppy process. We believe that the guide can help you the way it has helped many others. It is Secrets to Dog Training. We have used this guide and it works! Anyone trying to train a dog or puppy should read this guide, as it has been proven time and time again to work. There are many tips for training your dog around kids.

Thank you for trusting us with your pets and your kids during this transition.

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